Know all about the Medicare supplement plan

A Medicare supplement plan once taken goes a long way o serve and help you in many different ways. Although it is important that you know a Medicare supplement plan is not a Medigap policy and far from it, this is also sold by private ventures and most of them aim to help you sort out whichever you want more, a Medigap policy or a Medicare supplement plan. There are things that a Medicare supplement plan will cover for you such as your hospital insurance charges and medical insurance charges. However, it is important that you know there are different types of Medicare supplement plans.

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Some of them are explained here as such:

  • Private Fee for service plans are related to the original Medicare plan and are much the same. It determines how much fee will be paid to the doctor and other charges as well. You can visit any hospital or doctor you desire and pay using this plan as long as the doctor or the hospital recognizes the plans terms and conditions put forward during the payment. It also decides on how much it will pay for your diagnosis and how much you have to pay other than the terms that your plan is covering for you.
  • Health Maintenance Organization Plans allows you to go see doctors and take appoints in hospitals only under those which are in the plan’s network other than in cases of emergencies which can be considered as an exception. However, you would have to take referral from your doctor for the tests that might be held for your health and to see other doctors and specialists too.
  • Preferred Provider organization plans are one of those plans where you would pay less for treatment if you do so with the doctors or hospitals that is under the plan of the network where you will have no problem in paying less for the services that you are availing. If you do these under those doctors who are not registered under the plan’s network, you might have to pay more on that account for availing the same services.


There are many kinds of Medicare supplement plan that you can avail to if you want to and have your expenses cut short quite a bit because of the supplements that they are providing for you.