Volume 29 (2013-14): Canadian Historical Memory and the War of 1812

Guest Editor: Phillip Buckner

James Tyler Robertson      
For God, King and Country: Nineteenth-Century Methodist Interpretations of the War of 1812
Pp. 1-38

Cecilia Morgan
Remembering 1812 in the 1840s: John Richardson and the Writing of the War
Pp. 39-69

Elaine Young
Battlefield to Baseball Diamond: The Niagara Parks Commission and Queenston Heights Park
Pp. 70-103

Hector Mackenzie
Speaking about the War of 1812: Reinterpreting History in the Rhetoric Surrounding Canada's Inter-War Diplomacy (1919-1939)
Pp. 104-133

Michael Eamon
The War Against Public Forgetfulness: Commemorating 1812 in Canada
Pp. 134-185


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