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About Access Canada

Access Canada aims to provide a one-stop gateway to information resources on Canada for people living and working in the UK. It is designed to be readily and freely usable by anyone and everyone with an interest in Canada. People involved in business and industry, genealogy and family history, tourism, holidays and heritage, emigration and citizenship, politics and world affairs, and schools, colleges and universities - most people in the UK need ready access to information on Canada at some time.

Access Canada is a gateway to gateways. It does not rewrite what others have already written and compiled, but provides an easy means of discovering what there is. Compiling and editing Access Canada has, however, revealed apparent gaps in the information network, and hopes that, by identifying these gaps, the means can soon be found to fill them.

The language is English, but it includes an extensive page on francophone resources.

Access Canada is compiled and maintained by the Library and Resources Group (LARG) of the British Association for Canadian Studies (BACS), with active support from the Academic Relations Office of the Canadian High Commission, London. It is part of a Sustained Studies project on Academic relations and new technologies in a changing world: Britain and Canada 1970-2010, funded by the Foundation for Canadian Studies in the United Kingdom and Foreign Affairs Canada.

The LARG has drawn upon specialist knowledge of members of BACS and outside it, and continues to monitor and modify the site. The site has to evolve, move, and grow, to take account of new interests, demands, and directions and, when necessary delete links to other sites if they become obsolete. Its users are its eyes and ears. The LARG therefore invites all users of who know of good gateway sites in their own specialist fields to submit them to the Access Canada Editor ([email protected]) for possible inclusion at the next revision.

Further information about the creation and maintenance of the website is contained in the Background Information; this can be viewed using the associated link.

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