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Aberdeen University Library
Aberdeen University Library has materials on the anthropology of the settlers and aboriginal peoples of the circumpolar North, including a unique microform archive of 19th century travel and scientific accounts of the Canadian Arctic, a series of ethnographic and historic accounts of Canadians, and the renowned Mercury series from the Canadian Museum of Civilisation.

Arctic Blue Books Online
A searchable electronic version of Andrew Taylor's index to 19th Century British Parliamentary Papers concerned with the Canadian Arctic. The index now includes links to each page on which an index term appears.
Associated headings: History, Government

Arctic Circle
Sponsored by the University of Connecticut, the site covers the entire Circumpolar Region. This "electronic circle" has three interrelated themes: natural resources; history and culture; social equity and environmental justice. Also, with the assistance of Native northerners and other contributors, the authors are writing up a series of case studies comparing the social, and cultural impact of natural resource and other forms of development in regions with substantial indigenous populations. This is major initiative involving the US and Canadian Governments, and various universities and other academic institutions.

Arctic Council
An inter-governmental forum to promote co-operation between national governments and indigenous peoples for sustainable development. Alongside Canada, the member states include Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, the Russian Federation, Sweden and the United States.
Associated heading: Aboriginal peoples

Arctic Dawn: The Journeys of Samuel Hearn
This site contains slightly revised texts of the writings made by Samuel Hearne during his explorations of Canada. In particular, "Arctic Dawn" makes available Hearne's record of his search for the river Chipewyan between 1769 and 1772.
Associated heading: History

Canada's Arctic
Hosted by the University of Guelph, ON; to provide information for schools in Canada. The website uses sound, animation and other illustrations, alongside print. The site is divided into two sections: "Polar Life" and "Canada's Polar Environments."
Associated heading: Environment

Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami
The web site of the national Canadian Inuit organisation, the Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami. Canada is home to a quarter of the world's Inuit.

Mountaineering and Polar Collections - National Library of Scotland
The Mountaineering and Polar collections at the National Library of Scotland contain significant numbers of books, periodicals, manuscripts and maps relating to exploration in the Canadian Arctic and mountaineering in Canada.
Associated heading: Collections

Royal Geographical Society Collections and Archives
The collections of the Royal Geographical Society contain a considerable amount of material relating to various polar journeys, as well as cultural objects from the Canadian Arctic. There is an extensive library of 150,000 volumes, numerous maps, expedition reports and pictures.
Associated heading: Collections

Search for a Northwest Passage
Part of the British Library's Online Gallery. The exhibition takes the form of four chapters, split between a historical account, and associated images. There is also an extensive bibliography and list of links.

Scott Polar Research Institute
The Scott Polar Research Institute at the University of Cambridge has a small museum with exhibits relating to British Arctic expeditions. There is a small collection of Inuit sculpture and scrimshaw, and a large polar library and archives.
Associated heading: Collections

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