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Armed forces

Canadian Military History Gateway
An online service providing access to Websites and digitized resources about Canada's military history. The Gateway was developed by the Department of National Defence (DND) as an initiative supported by the National Defence On-Line (NDOL) programme and the Department of Canadian Heritage's Canadian Culture Online Program. The goal of the Gateway is to provide the public with free access to the collective military history resources of Canadian museums, libraries, archives and other heritage organizations. The site includes links to online reference books, and other resources for students and teachers.

Department of History and Heritage, National Defence
The DHH site contains information about the Historical Resource Centre, and publications of official histories. The publications section also links to online publications of the department.
Associated heading: History

Department of National Defence and Canadian Forces
Includes information on current and past operations, and a section for key documents and major reports.
Associated heading: Government

Soldiers of the First World War (1914-1918)
Soldiers who served in the Canadian Expeditionary Force in WWI. Very many of them were British and scanned images of their soldiers documents are online containing much family information, often including parents and home address back in England.

Veterans Affairs Canada
Veterans Affairs supports veterans and their families, and remembers the achievements and sacrifices of veterans for all Canadians. The website includes educational resources, links, and visual material to support Veteran's Week.

War and Military - Library and Archives Canada
Links to online catalogues and exhibitions from Library and Archives Canada. There is strong emphasis on the first and second world war, with a link to a catalogue of war diaries from the first world war.
Associated heading: History

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