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The Canada Council for the Arts/Le Conseil des arts du Canada
The website contains information on grant programmes, endowments & prizes (including cumulative lists of prize winners), news, events and other information on the arts in Canada. Free; no registration required.
Associated headings: Government

Canada World View
Provides an overview of Canada's perspective on foreign policy issues and highlights the Government of Canada's international initiatives and contributions. Usually includes an article on Canadian culture. World View is published quarterly in English and French and is distributed free of charge.

Associated headings: Political science

Canadian Cultural Centre
A gateway site hosted by Foreign Affairs Canada, and based in Paris. Provides access to current visual, performing, writing and screen arts in Canada, together with academic relations and documentation services, and listings of current programs and forthcoming events. There is particular emphasis on francophone culture and links between Canadian creators and Europe.

Canadian Heritage Books Program
An overview of the full range of Canadian Heritage's funding and support services for the book publishing industry in Canada.
Associated heading: Publishers

CBC ArtsCanada
Arts pages of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.
An initiative of the Department of Canadian Heritage, in collaboration with public and private partners. This portal site provides links to cultural institutions across Canada, and aims to reflect Canada's history, cultural life and sports.

Associated heading: Sport

Culture Canada
Information on government-wide programs on culture, heritage and recreation. Information is structured by category, and includes activities on publishing and broadcasting,performing arts, historic sites, and sports and recreation.
Associated headings: Government, Sport

Culture, Education and Youth
Produced by Foreign Affairs Canada, this web-site describes the Government of Canada's many programmes to support the promotion of Canadian arts and values through cultural and public diplomacy around the world.

National Gallery of Canada
Associated heading: Museums

Virtual Vault
A collection of digitised images and audio files, produced by Library and Archives Canada. The site offers a 3D "virtual gallery" as a means of presenting these files (although they are also available via more-standard web pages). The website currently holds a selection of images from the Peter Winkworth collection of Canadiana, organised under the headings: "People", "Landscapes" and "Transportation and Maps".

Zone Francophone
Directory of organisations and events for francophone arts and culture in Canada. The site encourages visitors to become involved in the organisations and events listed. Links include individual artists and collectives, online resources, and print news and other media organisations.
Associated heading: Francophone Canada

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