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Canadian studies on the web

British Association for Canadian Studies (BACS)
BACS is the forum and meeting point for Canadian Studies in the UK. It organises a multidisciplinary Annual Conference each spring, and publishes the British Journal of Canadian Studies and BACS Newsletter, which are distributed to all members. Specialist Subject Groups cater for the current interests of members. It is a founder member of the ICCS.

Canada e-Book
Published by Statistics Canada, and based upon data in the Canada Yearbook 2001. The e-Book is divided into four headings: the land, the people, the economy, and the state. For each heading there is a text-based overview. Tabs along the top-right of the screen provide links to tables, charts, supplementary texts, images, and audio clips.
Associated heading: Geography

Canada-UK Colloquia
The Canada-UK Colloquia are annual meetings by invitation of British and Canadian parliamentarians, public officials, academics, representatives from the private sector, graduate students and others to discuss public policy issues of concern to both countries. The CUKC's publications are listed on the web site.

The Canadian Encyclopedia/L'Encyclopédie Canadienne
An online encyclopedia fully searchable by subject. The site also includes the Encyclopedia of Music in Canada, feature articles and a searchable database of selected articles from Maclean's from the past 10 years. The site also contains a timeline of Canadian History and interactive features. Free; no registration required.

Canadian High Commission in London
The Government of Canada's presence in the UK provides services to both Canadian and British citizens. Its Academic Relations unit supports and monitors many of the Canadian Studies programmes in the UK.

Canadian Information by Subject
An extensive listing of sites relating to Canada, arranged by subject and alphabetical order. The site is maintained by Library and Archives Canada.

Canadian Social Research Links
Maintained by Gilles Seguin, a former researcher for Canadian welfare programs. Links are organised by subject and by province, with an emphasis on social welfare. There is an option to subscribe to a free weekly newsletter, which details all new sites added during the week.

Canadian Studies Webcentre
This free site is a series of useful introductory briefings of Canadian activities organised under the broad interdisciplinary categories of; Institutions, People, Regions and the Arts. Each section of the site includes a "Learning Centre" offering further training materials, presentations and modules of value to anybody just beginning to study Canadian affairs. The site is jointly maintained by the University of Alberta and the Spotted Cow Press.

Canadian Studies: A Guide to the Sources
An online and updated bibliographic essay, first compiled by John D Blackwell and Laurie C C Stanley-Blackwell. Works cited include books, journals, and electronic and web resources.
Associated headings: History, Literature

Canadians in the World
Website created by Foreign Affairs Canada, focussing on Canada's international relations. The site is intended primarily for students and teachers in Canadian secondary schools. However, it is also intended to be of use to everyone with a general interest in Canada. The site includes a "For Teachers" section, which has links to online educational resources for use in Canadian schools.
Associated heading: Education

A subject-structured directory of resources for Canadian studies. The site originated from lists of resources for the study of Canadian literature, and this remains a strong focus of the site.
Associated heading: Literature

Central European Association for Canadian Studies
The Central European Association for Canadian Studies is an international non-governmental organisation. It hopes to provide Canadianists in the region, both individually and as part of their "national chapters", with the maximum support in all their Canadian Studies activities.

Database of Online Canadiana
An intitative of the Gesellschaft fur Kanada-Studien e.V., this is a database of resources for university students and teachers. There are currently more than 1,200 entries, which may be searched or browsed.

DMOZ Open Directory Project Canada
The Open Directory is edited by volunteers and freely accessible. Resources on Canada may be searched by province and or by subject headings. These include guides and directories, government information, maps, news, sports and culture. A gateway to the physical, political and cultural geography of Canada and its resources.

European Network on Canadian Studies
The European Network for Canadian Studies ENCS (the former European Task Force on Canadian Studies) tries to bring together Canadianists from countries that have Canadian Studies associations and Canadianists in countries that do not have such associations.

Foundation for Canadian Studies in the United Kingdom
The Foundation for Canadian Studies in the United Kingdom was established in 1975 to support teaching, research and publishing about Canada in the United Kingdom, and to promote academic links and student exchanges between Canadian and British universities through grants, travel awards and the funding of academic posts and scholarships at British universities. It is a joint venture with the Canadian High Commission, London.

ICCS: World Map of Canadian Studies Centres
The International Council for Canadian Studies' list of Canadian Studies centres across the world with links to their websites.
Associated heading: Canadian studies centres outside the UK

International Association of Quebec Studies
The association supports and develops Quebec studies in Canada and elsewhere in the world. The website includes: links to Quebec studies centres across the world; bibliographies for Quebec studies; and a database of current and past activities in Quebec studies.
Associated heading: Francophone Canada

International Council for Canadian Studies (ICCS)
The ICCS is a federation of twenty national and multi-national Canadian Studies associations, governed by an Executive Council and an elected four-member Executive Committee. It promotes and supports research, education and publications in all fields of Canadian Studies and in all countries. The ICCS network links some 7,000 university and college professors in more than thirty countries. It published the International Journal of Canadian Studies and a weekly online newsletter Contact ICCS-CIEC.

Masterliness - The World Knowledge Library
A broad ranging site, with much of its content reflecting the interests of its authors and looking at topics outside of Canadian studies. The home page, however, provides links to information about cities, towns, and local communities in Canada. Also included are short biographies for selected actors, politicians, musicians, scientists etc.

Associated heading: Geography

Oh Canada!
A personal website, maintained at the University of Alberta by Beverly Leeck, that offers a gateway to a Canadian view of Canada and Canadians in their multicultural diversity.

Teaching and Learning About Canada
Resources for students and teachers, aimed at secondary school level. A large amount of information is presented as charts and graphs.
Associated heading: Education

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