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Collections in the UK
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British Museum Department of Ethnography
Objects in the British Museum collections that tell the history of North America before European settlement and modern Native history are held by the Department of Ethnography (they were formerly at the Museum of Mankind). The J P Morgan Chase Gallery of North America is a permanent display of material relating to the culture of Aboriginal peoples.
Associated heading: Aboriginal peoples

Canadian Collections - British Library
General description of the British Library’s extensive Canadian collections and current acquisitions policy. A separate page gives more details on French-Canadian holdings.
Associated heading: Libraries

Canadian Collections - National Library of Scotland
Description of the Canadian collections and current collecting policy of the National Library of Scotland.
Associated heading: Libraries

Canadian High Commission in the UK
Canada House, the home of the Canadian High Commission, ‘serves as a window into Canada’ and has regular exhibitions and promotions; performance; film, video and tv screenings; seminars, conferences and lectures on Canada and Canadian culture. It also houses an information centre, reference library and reading room, and music-listening posts. The website provides a history of Canada House, and a virtual tour.

Canadian Studies - Edinburgh University Library
Canadian Studies subject guide of Edinburgh University Library.

Commonwealth and Latin American Political Archives Project
The Institute of Commonwealth Studies and Institute for the study of the Americas Political Archives Project. The collections include some 1,200 items from Canadian political parties, pressure groups and trade unions.

Emigrants' Guides to North America - National Library of Scotland
A bibliographical database containing details of guides held by the National Library of Scotland and written for emigrants or potential emigrants to the USA and Canada, with substantial Canadian content, searchable by keyword and date of publication.
Associated heading: Migration

Emigration from Scotland: Emigrants' Correspondence - National Library of Scotland
A keyword searchable database of manuscripts held by the National Library of Scotland and related to Scots who emigrated and travelled abroad, with substantial Canadian content.
Associated heading: Migration

French-Canadian Collections - British Library
Description of the British Library’s French Canadian collections and current acquisitions policy.
Associated heading: Libraries

Institute of Commonwealth Studies Library
Website of the Library of the Institute of Commonwealth Studies, University of London. The Library contains significant Canadian collections, and there are also archives and special collections, all described here, and a link to the Political Archives Project website.
Associated heading: Libraries

Marischal Museum - University of Aberdeen
The Non-Western ethnography collections at the Marischal Museum, University of Aberdeen, contain a significant number of artefacts relating to Inuit and other Aboriginal peoples in Canada.

Merseyside Maritime Archives and Library
The Merseyside Maritime Museum has substantial collections relating in particular to emigration to Canada and to the vessels that made the transatlantic crossing. See the section on Major Collections for more details on holdings.
Associated heading: Migration

Mountaineering and Polar Collections - National Library of Scotland
The Mountaineering and Polar collections at the National Library of Scotland contain significant numbers of books, periodicals, manuscripts and maps relating to exploration in the Canadian Arctic and mountaineering in Canada.
Associated heading: Arctic

Museum Archives - British Empire and Commonwealth Museum
The artefacts collections of the Empire and Commonwealth Museum in Bristol consist mostly of material transferred from the Commonwealth Institute in South Kensington. Also transferred was the Commonwealth Resource Centre, consisting of nearly 15,000 books, journals, videos and audio tapes. Canadian collections contain both ethnographic material and material relating to the lives of British emigrants.

Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Cambridge
The University of Cambridge Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology has a sizeable collection with Canada well represented. Selected material is displayed in both the archaeological and anthropological galleries. The website provides general information on opening hours and exhibitions.

The National Archives
The National Archives is responsible for looking after the records of central government and the courts of law for England and Wales and the UK. The National Archives hold the records of the Colonial Office, Dominions Office, Commonwealth Relations Office, and the Commonwealth Office. There is substantial material relating to colonial administration and emigration to Canada.

National Archives of Scotland
The National Archives of Scotland is the repository for the public and legal records of Scotland but also contains a number of private collections. There is notable material relating to emigration to Canada. The factsheets section of the website has a guide to finding information on emigration.

National Maritime Museum
The National Maritime Museum holds over 2 million objects relating to the sea, ships, astronomy and time. Of particular Canadian interest are the collections of maps and charts and other objects relating to transatlantic travel and Arctic exploration.

Pitt Rivers Museum Oxford
The Pitt Rivers Museum at the University of Oxford collects and displays archaeological and ethnographic objects from all parts of the world. The permanent displays, arranged according to type, contain numerous items of Canadian interest, including masks from North America, Inuit fur parkas, Plains skin shirts decorated with porcupine quills, painted coats and a range of decorated moccasins. There is also a collection of Native American photographs.
Associated heading: Aboriginal peoples

Pre-1900 Printed Canadiana on Microfiche - Edinburgh University Library Guide
This includes an access page to Edinburgh University Library’s extensive part-set of Canadian Institute of Historical Microreproduction (CIHM) microfiches and access to the CIHM online catalogue and databases.

Primary resources in North American Studies - Edinburgh University Library
Primary resources in North American Studies at Edinburgh University Library.

Quebec House, Kent
Quebec House, Westerham Kent, where General James Wolfe spent his first eleven years. The house contains memorabilia of Wolfe, his family and career, and there is an exhibition about the 1759 Battle of Quebec.

Royal Geographical Society Collections and Archives
The collections of the Royal Geographical Society contain a considerable amount of material relating to various polar journeys, as well as cultural objects from the Canadian Arctic. There is an extensive library of 150,000 volumes, numerous maps, expedition reports and pictures.
Associated heading: Arctic

Scots in North America - National Library of Scotland
A bibliographical database containing details of personal accounts held by the National Library of Scotland and written by Scots who visited the USA and Canada as settlers, explorers, tourists etc., with substantial Canadian content, searchable by keyword and also browsable by date of visit.
Associated heading: Migration

Scott Polar Research Institute
The Scott Polar Research Institute at the University of Cambridge has a small museum with exhibits relating to British Arctic expeditions. There is a small collection of Inuit sculpture and scrimshaw, and a large polar library and archives.
Associated heading: Arctic

SCURL North American Studies Group
General descriptions of resources for North American studies in all research and university libraries in Scotland together with detailed listings of relevant holdings of US and Canadian manuscripts, microforms, maps etc. SCURL is the Scottish Confederation of University and Research Libraries.

Stromness Museum
The Stromness museum has descriptions and displays relating to the strong links with Hudson Bay Trading Company. The website gives details of the museum's address and opening hours.

US and Canadian Newspaper Holdings in Scottish Libraries - National Library of Scotland
A directory listing all US and Canadian newspapers held in major research and university libraries in Scotland.
Associated heading: Newspapers


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