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Canada's Arctic
Hosted by the University of Guelph, ON; to provide information for schools in Canada. The website uses sound, animation and other illustrations, alongside print. The site is divided into two sections: "Polar Life" and "Canada's Polar Environments."
Associated heading: Arctic

Canadian and American Environmental Directory (Greenlinks)
A short list of links to Canadian environmental organisations, compiled by Ray Rasmussen. His personal website is concerned with environmental protection for spaces in Canada and the US.

Canadian Wildlife Service
Website of Canada's National Wildlife Agency, responsible for: the protection and management of migratory birds and nationally important wildlife habitat, endangered species, research on nationally important wildlife issues, control of international trade in endangered species, and international treaties. The website has information on topics such as: biodiversity, birds and mammals, "how to get involved", habitat and stewardship, hunting and fishing and wildlife research. There are also links to relevant publications.

Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation
Government of Canada programme to assess Canada's vulnerability to climate change, and the associated risks and benefits. The Resource Centre includes the full-text of reports, maps and publicity produced by the programme, alongside a short bibliography of recent publications, and external links to selected websites.

David Suzuki Foundation
Website of the independent charity. The foundation aims to protect the diversity of nature and quality of life, working with scientists, business, education, and government and non-government organisations. The website contains sections on: climate change and clean energy; forests and wild lands; oceans and sustainable ishing; and sustainability within a generation.

Environment Canada's Green Lane
Website for weather and environmental information. The website has information on the activities of Environment Canada, including: publications, acts and regulations, news, conferences, the Minister, and related resources.

Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Website for the Government Department. Includes a general news page, plus information on the Species At Risk Act, recreational use of rivers and oceans, and acquaculture. The resources section includes acts, orders and regulations, online reports and publications, and extensive statistical series.
Associated heading: Industry

Greenpeace Canada
Greenpeace is an independently funded organisation that works to protect the environment. It was founded in Vancouver in 1971. The website provides information about Greenpeace's activities, globally as well as in Canada, job opportunities, merchandise, and links to press releases, resources and publications.

National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy
The National Round Table on Environment and the Economy (NRTEE) is an independent advisory body that provides decision makers, opinion leaders and the Canadian public with advice and recommendations for promoting sustainable development. NRTEE legislated by Parliament in 1994, explains and promotes sustainable development. Working with stakeholders across Canada, the NRTEE identifies key issues with both environmental and economic implications, examines these implications and suggests how to balance economic prosperity with environmental preservation.

Parks Canada
Parks Canada Agency is responsible for national parks, historic sites and marine conservation areas. The site includes a "Teachers Corner", currently being developed, and a campground reservation service.
Associated headings: Tourism, Government

Sierra Club of Canada
The SCC's mission is to develop a diverse and informed network for environmental protection. The website provides information on SCC's national campaigns in four areas, including: atmosphere and energy; health and environment; protecting diversity; and transition to sustainable economy. The site also has information on how to get involved and job opportunities, has chapters on regions within Canada, publications, and relevant news items.

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