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Francophone Canada

Centre for Research on French Canadian Culture - University of Ottowa
The centre supports research in literature and other humanities and social sciences. The website includes guides to the Centre's archive collections, and links to their publications.

Associated heading: Literature

Cercle de presse francophone du Manitoba
Manitoba's French Press. A website to promote francophone news sources in Manitoba and support the journalists involved in their production.
Associated heading: Newspapers

Institut d'histoire de l'Amerique francaise
Information about the Institute, and it's activities. The links page covers university departments and research centres, libraries, discussion lists, historical associations, periodicals, and other web resources.
Associated heading: History

International Association of Quebec Studies
The association supports and develops Quebec studies in Canada and elsewhere in the world. The website includes: links to Quebec studies centres across the world; bibliographies for Quebec studies; and a database of current and past activities in Quebec studies.
Associated heading: Canadian studies on the web

Office of Francophone Affairs, Ontario
Official site for information about Franco-Ontarians who are the largest French speaking community in Canada outside of Quebec.

Official website of Manitoba's Francophones
The official web site with history, maps, culture, tourism, and other information about the Francophone community who have lived in Manitoba for over 260 years.

Parks Canada - Grand-Pré National Historic Site of Canada
Grand Pré is the National Historic Site of Acadia, the first permanent French colony in North America, now defined geographically, symbolically and culturally within the provinces of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

Repertoire des sites Web de reference du Quebec
A subject-organised listing of websites relating to Quebec. Maintained by the Bibliotheque nationale Quebec.

Zone Francophone
Directory of organisations and events for francophone arts and culture in Canada. The site encourages visitors to become involved in the organisations and events listed. Links include individual artists and collectives, online resources, and print news and other media organisations.
Associated heading: Arts

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