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Arctic Blue Books Online
A searchable electronic version of Andrew Taylor's index to 19th Century British Parliamentary Papers concerned with the Canadian Arctic. The index now includes links to each page on which an index term appears.
Associated headings: Government, Arctic

Arctic Dawn: The Journeys of Samuel Hearn
This site contains slightly revised texts of the writings made by Samuel Hearne during his explorations of Canada. In particular, "Arctic Dawn" makes available Hearne's record of his search for the river Chipewyan between 1769 and 1772.
Associated heading: Arctic

Building of the Canadian Pacific Railroad - Victorian Magic Lantern
A digitised collection from the University of Nottingham of 83 photographic lantern slides showing the building of the Canadian Pacific Railroad and other pictures of Canada 1880-1902.

Cabinet conclusions
A searchable collection of digitised images of agendas, attendance lists, and records of discussions at federal cabinet meetings. Material available covers the period 1944 to 1974.
Associated heading: Archives

Canadian Genealogy and History
A listing of genealogical and historical web sites from East to Western Sea.' An extensive listing of links to other websites, searchable by keyword or phrase. The material is also organised by Province, with links also to archives, census material, loyalist and military history, organisations and societies, as well as other genealogical and historical sites. Free; no registration required.
Associated headings: Genealogy, Migration

Canadian Studies: A Guide to the Sources
An online and updated bibliographic essay, first compiled by John D Blackwell and Laurie C C Stanley-Blackwell. Works cited include books, journals, and electronic and web resources.
Associated headings: Canadian studies on the web, Literature

Champlain Society
Aims to make significant and interesting documents in Canadian history available for students and the reading public. Website includes history of Society (founded in 1905), listings of its publications (Ontario series, Hudson's Bay Company series, Occasional papers and General series), membership details and useful links.

Department of History and Heritage, National Defence
The DHH site contains information about the Historical Resource Centre, and publications of official histories. The publications section also links to online publications of the department.
Associated heading: Armed forces

Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online
The DCB is the unquestioned resource on people in Canada's history. The online edition covers people who are known to have died between 1000 and 1929, or whose last known date of activity falls within that period.

Early Canadiana online (ECO)
A digital library providing access to Canada's printed heritage, including published works from the time of the first European settlers up to the early 20th century. ECO is produced by the Canadian Institute for Historical Microreproductions - a non-profit organisation for preserving and providing easy access to early Canadian publications, first on microfiche and now online. The website includes themed resources and lesson plans for use by teachers e.g. Canada in the making (for senior students) and Exploration the Fur trade and Hudson's Bay Company (for students aged nine plus). To date the digital library includes resources on Candaian women's history, colonial government journals, early official publications, English Canadian literature, history of French Canada, Hudson's Bay, Jesuit relations and Native studies. - A Guide to Women in Canadian History
Website developed by Canadian historian, Merna Forster, to promote awareness, and encourage the study of, women in Canadian history. The website features images, quotations, biographies, and information about cultural events, books, films, learning resources and historic sites.
Associated heading: Women

Institut d'histoire de l'Amerique francaise
Information about the Institute, and it's activities. The links page covers university departments and research centres, libraries, discussion lists, historical associations, periodicals, and other web resources.
Associated heading: Francophone Canada

The Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents
English translation of 71 volumes of documents, originating between 1610 and 1791, and edited by Reuben Gold Thwaites during the nineteenth century. These represent a very important resource for the study of early French contact and colonization in North America.

Online Resources for Canadian Heritage
Site maintained by the Canadian Museum of Civilization Corporation. An extensive list of online resources arranged by subject. Headings include: geography and local history; archaeology; ethnology; and folk and popular culture.

Organization for the History of Canada
The OHC aims to support the study of Canadian national issues, covering all periods and from all disciplines in the humanities and social sciences. The website has information about the OHC, including events, and links to their conference papers and newsletters.

The Search for a Northwest Passage
The British Library launched this information site to help publicise their "Americas Collections". The pages include images and brief historical accounts related to the centuries long search for the Northwest Passage, a navigable channel that was believed to connect the North Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans. Material ranges from the late 15th Century voyages of John and Sebastian Cabot, exploration commissioned by the Hudson's Bay Company, and the ill-fated expedition of Sir John Franklin in 1845. In addition to a lengthy bibliography, a series of useful weblinks to related historical and exploration sites is also provided.

War and Military - Library and Archives Canada
Links to online catalogues and exhibitions from Library and Archives Canada. There is strong emphasis on the first and second world war, with a link to a catalogue of war diaries from the first world war.
Associated heading: Armed forces

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