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Access to Justice Network
A directory of educational resources and services for Canadians. Maintained by Legal Studies at the University of Alberta.

BACS Legal Studies Group
This site has been written by the BACS Legal Studies Group, and gives information about the group and their activities. It will be of interest to professionals and academics in the legal field who have any interest in UK-Canadian comparative legal studies. The site includes information about the Group's annual conference, which is on a different comparative legal theme every year.

Canada Gazette
Canada Gazette is the official news bulletin of the Government of Canada, published by the Canadian Government Publisher since 1841. Canada Gazette Part I, published weekly, contains all formal public notices, official appointments, miscellaneous notices and proposed regulations from the government and private sectors. Canada Gazette Part II, published twice weekly, contains regulations and other statutory instruments. Canada Gazette Part III, published as soon as is reasonably practicable after Royal Assent, contains the most recent Public Acts of Parliament and their enactment proclamations.

Canadian Bar Association
Official Web site and information service of the Canadian Bar Association, the professional organisation for all members of the legal profession in Canada. The Web site is designed to assist the Association in its key aims: to improve the administration of justice; promote fair justice systems; and assist members in their personal and professional development. A detailed site index gives access to information on the CBA structure, meetings, annual conference and current initiatives. A list of interest groups represents the Association's involvement in a full range of legal subject areas. A list of Canadian Provinces links to separate site sections for the Provincial and Territorial branches of the CBA.

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
Section of the Department of Justice Canada Website presenting the text of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The Charter is an important statement of human rights policy and is enacted as Schedule B to the Constitution Act 1982 (1982, c.79). In the UK, the Charter is Schedule B to the Canada Act 1982 (1982, c.11). The Charter is presented on the site in English and French language versions in HTML format.

Canadian Human Rights Tribunal
Website for the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal available in English and French. The Tribunal applies the rights of equality, equal opportunity, fair treatment, and non- discrimination to cases referred to it by the Canadian Human Rights Commission. The site provides a database of decisions from 1990 onwards in full-text HTML format. The decisions can be searched by year or by complainant's name, and a free-text search engine is available which searches the content of the whole site. Information is given for cases in progress, forthcoming hearings, and members of the Tribunal and contact details.

Canadian Institute for the Administration of Justice
Independent, not-for-profit organisation, based at the University of Montreal. Conducts research, training and promotes communication for the improvement of the administration of justice in Canada. The website includes a calendar of events and a page of useful web links.

Canadian International Trade Tribunal: Appeals
A search-able Web database of Canadian International Trade Tribunal (CITT) appeals organised by appeal number and by year (1989-date). The CITT is an administrative tribunal operating within Canada's trade remedies system and reporting to Parliament through the Minister of Finance.

Canadian Legal Information Institute (CanLII)
The Canadian Legal Information Institute (CanLII)is a key resource service providing free access to a comprehensive range of Canadian primary legal materials including federal and provincial laws and case law. Access to materials is arranged by jurisdiction and collection with links to full text HTML documents. A sophisticated site search facility is also provided. The site is available in both English and French, the official languages of Canada.

Canadian Maritime Law Association
Official Web site for the Canadian Maritime Law Association (CMLA), an independent body working with government to develop legal provision for maritime commerce and marine transportation in Canada. The Association also represents Canada within the international shipping community working towards uniform development of Canadian and international maritime laws.

Canadian Native Law Cases
A database of all reported Canadian Court decisions relating to Native Law issues from 1763-1978, made freely available on the Internet. Cases on appeal to the Privy Council from Canada and some previously unreported cases are also included in the service. Browse options, subject index search and full text search facilities are provided. The database is hosted and maintained by the Native Law Centre of Canada at the University of Saskatchewan.

Criminal Intelligence Service Canada
Annual reports on organized crime in Canada.

Federal Court of Canada
Official Web site for the Federal Court of Canada, providing brief background information on the history, constitution and jurisdiction of the Court. Links to the full-text of the Canada Federal Court Reports since 1993 are provided, as are a free-text search engine and an analytical subject search engine of the Reports.

JURIST Canada is the Canadian Service of JURIST Law Professors' network, maintained by the Bora Laskin Law Library at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law, Toronto. JURIST Canada is a clearinghouse of academically- authored and other quality-controlled Canadian legal resources provided for the convenience of Canadian law teachers, law students, lawyers and members of the public.

Law Commission of Canada
Website for the Law Commission of Canada established in July 1997 as an independent law agency accountable to the Parliament of Canada through the Ministry of Justice. The Commission aims to provide a critical perspective on Canadian law and take a multi-disciplinary approach to improving problem areas.

SOSIG Law: Canada
Section of the Social Science Information Gateway identifying quality web resources concerned with law and legal issues in Canada. Coverage includes Federal and Provincial resources.

Supreme Court of Canada
Official Web site of the Ottawa based Supreme court of Canada.

Uniform Law Conference of Canada
Website for the body responsible for promoting legislative review and harmonisation in Canadian statute law. The site offers a history of the Conference with texts of its constitution and by-laws, supported by a bibliography of books and journal articles commenting on its work. The site lists the current work of the Conference in both civil and criminal law matters; publishes online study papers; and sets out priorities for harmonisation with texts of selected Uniform acts.

WorldLII: Canada
Part of the WorldLII service containing links to Internet resources for Canada. A full range of browse and search features are provided by the site. Browse sections include links covering Canada's Courts, Government, Law Reform, Legislation, Other Indexes, Parliament and Treaties and International Agreements.The service presents a global index and search engine for law, developed by the Australasian Legal Information Institute in the Faculty of Law at the University of Technology, Sydney.

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