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Canadian News Archives
Links to free and subscription-based online news archives, arranged by province.

Canadian Newspapers
This web site lists local newspapers in Canada by province and the Yukon Territory and provides links to some of the newspapers. It also provides links to national newspapers, such as the National Post and Globe and Mail.

Cercle de presse francophone du Manitoba
Manitoba's French Press. A website to promote francophone news sources in Manitoba and support the journalists involved in their production.
Associated heading: Francophone Canada

Globe and Mail
A national Canadian newspaper. The web site provides links to news items relating to business, international, national, science and health, technology, sports and entertainment.

Hill Times
Weekly newspaper covering politics and government. The site contains a mix of freely-available and subscriber-only material.
Associated heading: Political science

National Post
A national Canadian newspaper. The web site provides links to news items relating to national, world, finance, sports, entertainment, health, technology and arts. It also provides links to local newspapers, television, channels, cities, radio and classifieds.

Newspapers in Canada
Listing of newspapers by province and territory. Scroll down past the adverts to find the list.

Politics Watch
Online news and resources for Canadian politics.
Associated heading: Political science

US and Canadian Newspaper Holdings in Scottish Libraries - National Library of Scotland
A directory listing all US and Canadian newspapers held in major research and university libraries in Scotland.
Associated heading: Collections

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