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Political parties

Bloc Quebecois

Communist Party of Canada
This site provides information about the Communist Party in Canada, documents, publications, archives, media membership, links to other organisations and the party program with a guide to their policies and positions.

Conservative Party of Canada
The site provides lists of members, principles, electoral districts, membership information and links to other electoral districts.

Cosmopolitan Party of Canada
Main areas of interest include cultural diversity, human rights, and environmental protection. The site includes criticism of Canada's current political situation and references to the role of spiritual values in politics.

Green Party of Canada
Containing news, campaigns information, and details of candidates.

The site provides details about the current prime minister, members, documents, policy, events, FAQs and links.

Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada
The site is operated by the Communist Party of Canada and provides information on publications, documents, leaders and the political programme.

New Democratic Party
The site provides lists of candidates, media releases, members, news, issues, campaigns, and history.

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