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Political science

Canada World View
Provides an overview of Canada's perspective on foreign policy issues and highlights the Government of Canada's international initiatives and contributions. Usually includes an article on Canadian culture. World View is published quarterly in English and French and is distributed free of charge.

Associated headings: Arts

Canadian Politics on the Web
An introductory essay and review covering political parties, the constitution and operation of government, and key political concerns. The essay includes links to political parties and full text of constitutional documents. There is also information about the relevant titles and other resources published by Thomson Nelson.

Canadian Politics: Net Station
Maintained by the University of British Columbia Library. A web directory covering federal and provincial parties, reports from past elections, and a range of related issues. Some of the links in the directory are no longer active.

Guide to Canadian Political Science Resources
Guide created by Collections Canada. The listing includes websites, electronic databases, and print bibliographies, reference works and annual overviews.

Hill Times
Weekly newspaper covering politics and government. The site contains a mix of freely-available and subscriber-only material.
Associated heading: Newspapers

Politics Watch
Online news and resources for Canadian politics.
Associated heading: Newspapers

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