New BACS Prizes in April 2015

As well as the Michael J Hellyer prize, BACS is pleased to announce the Viven Hughes prize and the Jodie Robson prize to be awarded at the BACS Conference in April 2015. 


To mark the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the British Association for Canadian Studies, the BACS Council is pleased to announce two new prizes in honour of Vivien Hughes and Jodie Robson in addition to the existing Michael J Hellyer Prize. Details are as follows:

Michael J Hellyer Prize

Open to post docs, early career academics and professionals (within 5 years of the award of a PhD) and independent scholars (also within 5 years of being awarded a PhD).

Vivien Hughes Prize

Open to PhD students (including MPhil and equivalent students).

Jodie Robson Prize

Open to Masters and undergraduate students

Details of prizes

1) Each prize will be awarded to the best paper delivered at the annual BACS conference in the relevant category. The paper will be judged on its written version rather than on its actual presentation at the conference. The paper submitted can either be the one delivered at the conference (if fully referenced) or an article-length paper upon which the conference presentation is based.

2) Preference in awarding each prize will be given to papers that have not been published - or committed - elsewhere and are therefore eligible for publication in the British Journal of Canadian Studies, subject to the standard review system of the BJCS including reports from two anonymous reviewers once the paper has been submitted to the Journal in article form. A statement indicating whether the paper is available for possible publication in the BJCS must be included when it is submitted for the prize.

3) Each prize will consist of a £100 book token plus an invitation to the conference dinner on 24 April. The award of the prize does not guarantee publication of the paper in the BJCS but it will constitute clear evidence of esteem within each category.

4) The prize winners will be announced at the BACS conference dinner on 24 April and also at the BACS AGM on 25 April. In the event of papers of equal merit being submitted in the same category it may be possible to award more than one prize in that category.

5) Papers to be considered for one of the prizes must be sent to the BACS President, Dr Tony McCulloch This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  by the end of Friday 17 April.

The BACS Council wishes to acknowledge the generous funding received from the Foundation for Canadian Studies in the UK to support the introduction of the two new prizes.
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