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Author Topic: Shenzhen promote compliance with the gem second se  (Read 1 times)
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« on: April 06, 2012, 02:12:06 AM »

Push the lower standard of Listed Companies in Shenzhen, urged the "small and new faces," the enterprise landing.On March 27th, deputy general manager of Shenzhen stock exchange Chen Hongqiao in "‘ ’ over one hundred high-end forum" on put forward, the capital markets to absorb new forms and innovative enterprises are facing new demand, particularly for gem in line with the second set of lower standards for enterprises, as well as the Internet, service industry, venture capital and other types of companies actively market trends.
"From ‘ Nanshan section ’ rise can be seen,Christian Outlet, the basic conditions of transformation is undergoing major changes,Christian Louboutin, the capital markets to absorb new forms and innovative enterprises are facing new demand.
"Chen Hongqiao emphasized: the gem sponsors to recommend "small and new faces," of the enterprise is not positive, "and may often is such enterprises, to better reflect the gem support entrepreneurial innovation characteristic".
The two set of access earnings standard refers to: the company recently two years continuous profit, the last two years a total net profit of not less than 10000000 yuan, and sustained growth; or, a recent years of gain, and the net profit of not less than 5000000 yuan,Christian Louboutin outlet, a year of business income of not less than 50000000 yuan, the last two years of revenue growth rate not less than 30%.
The above two conditions consistent with its one can.In the face of change rapidly innovation activities, Chen Hongqiao points out, also need to learn how to make the system to adapt to the new requirement, namely "the relations of production gets used to productivity".
He thinks, want to develop capital market "speciality",Christian Louboutin Outlet,Louboutin UK, grasp the essence of innovation and the core value is the most important; as well as the importance of production,Christian Louboutin Sale, consumption patterns, business models and the social and economic life of the efficiency, quality,Christian Louboutin Shoes, cost, safety and so on have a significant impact on the innovation of enterprises.
Chen Hongqiao also suggested that from three aspects: promoting system innovation of capital market.First of all, should be considered in the existing law,Christian Louboutin ireland, system framework, in operation, the implementation level improved, optimization recommendation issued ideas and process; secondly, the regulatory reform, improve some existing regulations, such as reducing the threshold, the responsibility of listed problems increase problems; finally, by the company law, the future revision of the securities law, from law level of perfection.
In addition, Chen Hongqiao also puts forward five points of experience,Christian Louboutin Sale, including not limited to mature industry and familiar with manufacturing industry the issue should not be confined to the concept of innovation; technological innovation; should not rigidly adhere to the simple financial data or entangled in the business of all the minor details; not by mechanical, experiential,Christian Louboutin outlet, curing the thinking innovation enterprise should judge; let the enterprise management mode in order to meet the market and change with the normal operation of the existing requirements and law practice.
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