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Author Topic: should deliberately try the hardships of life  (Read 2 times)
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« on: April 06, 2012, 02:14:18 AM »

 men will play tricks to scare, not the rhetoric of a dude, sugar-coated bullets, reckless decision own life.
  poor and raised the son of the rich daughter,chaussures de foot, this nutrient-rich not Parents to let the spirit of the girl's world is colorful, well-informed, from childhood to take her out on various occasions, to broaden her horizons, gaining the upper hand of her ability to see the world; let her read all kinds of books, an increase of knowledge so that it is knowledge people of the Ming and sophistication of human effort. So nutrient-rich girl,chaussure de foot, independent, thoughtful, assertive,ralph lauren pas cher, aware of their goals in life and know what is truly worthy of its own to pursue. Wait until the Mood for Love, she will be able to stick to their own life criteria and not the outside world about, will not be the Ukiyo the bustling and vanity confused.
this girl will not be in
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Some people say that boys stocking fierce as a tiger, girl domesticated show flower. I thought, poor temper, the boy is the soil itself, in the future have grown into men, so by the fall of the withstand wind and rain. Rich is the care, the girl was the lotus root body, can not afford to knock too delicate points raised. Non-material ratio of poor and rich, there really is stress.
 never rich more than a lady, since ancient times Dandyism Takeo, it should be Eutrophication daughter of petty profits, extraordinary temperament; life tempered the poor and raising the son will be stronger; boys later took to the community, committed to social responsibility and family responsibility, so to poor maintenance in order to encourage the chi, otherwise wasteful dude,burberry, how on instructions from the parents,louboutin pas cher, the next raise his wife and children!
 eutrophication girl will be with a childhood out on various occasions, increasing to see the world capacity,sac burberry, wait until the flower-like age, to the earth difficult growth, it is not easy a variety of vanity and vanity fooled not seen the big world of girls, dude's sugar-coated bullets, are likely to be rhetoric defeated. Nutrient-rich girl, because the depth of knowledge, independent,louboutin, strong-minded, wise, it is clear what his real pursuit.
 daughter of rich, in fact, is an investment in education, education, wealth; poor maintenance men, but also a frustration education, Tall in the saddle, did not experience failure and frustration The boy grow up.
 boys to struggle, you must let him know that money does not grow on trees;
 girl is going to marry people must cultivate the vision of her to identify things to do in the future people of a cake gave coax away.
 rich daughter is more romantic. The girl called the daughter, it is estimated that there are origins. Although the appearance of day students, also need to acquired in intensive care, the delicate carved on weekdays, which is obviously need a certain material base. From another perspective,louboutin, given better material conditions, but also need to broaden their vision and insight of the girl. Rich is Know how the United States, and appreciate the ability to identify and understand the self-protection, and not outside all the the lure.
 poor raise men and more solid. To be a real man, to sustain the hardships of this life, cold, humiliation, frustration, I do not know how. The ancients said that the day to drop any man,coach outlet, must keep their bones, their body skin hunger, the suffering of their mind, so that it can self-order in the flat world. Boys from an early age should cultivate the hard work and plain living, hard-working style, the idea of ​​the virtue of filial piety, particularly in the material can not be too much to give, or easy to become a Dandyism child. Share eutrophication 20 years, Furongchushui; poor to raise 20 contained, the sword came out.
 girls are not so worried about the material conditions, and be easier to cultivate a calm temperament, boys cored material conditions, it will not loose. Related with nature? Girls an innate attention to detail, and re-instill the idea of ​​Boys vice versa. This is the wisdom of life, right?
 boy to be strong-willed girl to notice of the ceremony. Poor support eutrophication about this. domesticated
 kid, it is necessary to young children indomitable character, hard-working spirit,burberry pas cher, the quality of the Xiaoyi Germany good. Otherwise, trees, brush does not shape up, blindly spoiled, laissez-faire,louboutin pas cher, connivance,louboutin pas cher, only to cultivate a not a gas dude.
 home Jiaonv, is necessary from childhood give in love, appropriate to meet the material needs in order to achieve the rich inner sense of morality. To make it know how to goodness,louboutin, to learn to identify and self-protection, took to the community if they are not subject to various material desires temptation to avoid being taken.
 this topic is not to say that poor families raising his son, Wealthy raising her daughter,burberry soldes, but the boy to be as some have to play; girls to be woman.
 of eutrophication daughter
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 never rich lady,chaussure de foot pas cher, since ancient times Dandyism Takeo. . Is to treat son to poor maintenance, which is actually the investment in his son's life; daughter to eutrophication, in fact, is a cultural accomplishment of the investment. I very much agree.
 eutrophication daughter, the poor and raising his son. Mean, if the raise is the daughter of an affluent and comfortable environment for the growth necessary to create as much as possible for her childhood to make her quality of life,burberry, monasteries,polo ralph lauren pas cher, so that trained girls will grow up to great taste, should deliberately try the hardships of life, from childhood to hone his strong will, for future, he can play the duties of life to create a mood; If you are raising a son, and thus grow into a real man. Boy culture, we should let him eat more bitter, let him struggle, hard work, power and the will to change. . Prepare girls to the contrary, we should let her enjoy some blessing, as far as to give her good material conditions, and her shape is elegant, generous, decent. At the same time I feel love and marriage has also been instructive. : A woman to marry had it tough to understand the struggle man. A good family man to marry, the notice of the ceremony woman.
 . Otherwise, each proverbs and old saying has prejudiced. The old saying, usually concise,burberry pas cher, profound meaning, we need to always taste! Should not be underestimated! 相关的主题文章:
   such data is more alarming .
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