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Author Topic: 8 year old husband and wife sacrifice for land reform cadres protect the tomb of  (Read 1 times)
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,Burberry Pas Cher
 64 years ago in the depths of the mountain Longhua Guo Jia Tunzhen Mohe Village not yet fully liberated,ceinture burberry femme, ushered in the village this year one to help farmers carry out land reform team. In the meantime,portefeuille burberry, a land reform cadres in the battle with the bandits killed. Since then, the obligations of a husband and wife in the village to take care of from the tomb of the martyr, the care of 64 years ...
 year,burberry parfum homme, Li Ruide just 20 years old,site officiel burberry, is the youth director of the Mohe Village. Is responsible for the mobilization of young people in the village to participate in the People's Liberation Army. But Guo Jiatun 45 partners bandits near the land reform work is often harassment by the bandits.
 total area of ​​713 square feet kilometers,solde burberry, is the largest township in Hebei Province. The place is full of mountain ranges,burberry chemise, leading to Fengning,écharpe burberry homme, Lung,porte monnaie burberry, and paddock of three roads in this intersection,Sac Burberry, since ancient times,burberry solde, are contested. In early 1947,Burberry Homme, to a team from the field,burberry écharpe, dedicated to has not own land, the farmers subdivision.
 is not,short burberry homme, deep in the mountains Guo Jiatun has the taste of winter. Day Lirui De,écharpes burberry, accompanied by the leadership to not far from Henan Village to carry out land reform work. Soon they left the District office, a group of more than 100 bandits attacked the office location. The enemy's situation suddenly Ren Huanan quickly organizer region squad more than 30 people to resist,Burberry Femme, covering other staff were evacuated. Hill is the sentinel of the bandits,chaussure burberry femme, the enemy found carrying a gun Renhua Nan,parfums burberry, the bandit captain Liu significant chapter is house smoked opium,burberry parfum femme, heard the report and immediately organized the arrest Ren Huanan. captured after,chèche burberry, the bandits asked him to give out the setup and deployment of the District Council and the District squad Ren Huanan rather die than surrender. The bandits see Ren Huanan no value in the Mohe ditch goalkeeper he killed. Ren Huanan sacrifice at the age of 22 years old. The bandits left,vente burberry, the village people the Ren Huanan the bodies were buried in the the Mohe ditch on a hillside of the small high-goumen.
 With increasing age,parfum burberry brit, Li Ruide suffering from various diseases,parapluie burberry, mobility,parfum burberry homme, he put his wife called around.
 lunar August in 1947, clever and capable Lirui De Su-store district propaganda minister Nico fancy,maquillage burberry, from the village came to the District,burberry chaussures, became the bodyguard of Nico. Period,vétement burberry, he met the director of the Agriculture Committee Ren Huanan. Li Ruide Since then,burbery, this is not tall, only a few side edge of Renhua Nan became his lifelong friend. Lunar September
 after the liberation,veste burberry femme, through the organizations in Li Ruide met his wife, Ren Shulan. Soon,bottes caoutchouc burberry, the two liberation revolution and his wife to join the party come together. 1957, Longhua the construction of martyrs' cemetery,botte pluie burberry, I found the list not Renhua Nan,burberry bébé, I find the civil affairs department,burberry enfants, and ultimately added his name into the p>
 1981,foulard burberry, Li Ruide to Zhangjiakou City Zhangbei Ren Huanan find relatives. Find their loved ones, moved back to his bones,magasin burberry, are also considered roots,botte caoutchouc burberry, the total floating outside is not going ah,gants burberry!
 land reform cadres died a heroic death
 list of martyrs can not miss him
 the Longhua Kuo Jiatun,trench homme burberry,
 learned the news of the Ren Huanan heroic sacrifice, Li Ruide very sad,burberry vetement, sacrifice,manteau burberry femme, we can not forget his contribution,foulards burberry, In 1951,burberry paris, the nationwide action to arrest the bandits and remnants of the
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