Volume 10 (1994): NAFTA—Canada and the Pacific Rim

Editor: Alan. G. Hallsworth
A. G. Hallsworth From Arcadia to Cascadia—a Road to Disenchantment? 1
W. Hunt The First Three Months of the Chrétien Government: Governing in the wake of the Charter of Rights and NAFTA 14
J. Mercer Canada and its Continental Future: A Matter of Survival 26
B. W. Wilkinson The NAFTA, Manifest Destiny and All That 39
J. Létourneau The Migrant Economy and the Future of Canada 62

We are highly appreciative of the generous financial and other encouragement from the Government of Canada that has enabled both the publication of this Journal and the maintenance of the London Conference for Canadian Studies (LCCS). I would like to thank Alan Hallsworth for guest-editing this volume and the anonymous reviewers for their hard work. I am also grateful to Tim Aspden and Catherine Pyke for their assistance in preparing this volume which included designing the cover.