Volume 11 (1995): Aboriginal Peoples

Editor: Itesh Sachdev
W. Stevenson Post-colonial Reflections on the Past and Future Paths of Canadian Aboriginal Women (or, Out From Under the Skirts of Her Majesty) 1
V. J. Kirkness Aboriginal Peoples and Tertiary Education in Canada: Institutional Responses 28
I. Sachdev Language and Identity: Ethnolinguistic Vitality of Aboriginal Peoples in Canada: 41
H. Lutz First Nations Literature in Canada and the Voice of Survival 60
W. Hamley Resource Development and Aboriginal Rights in the Canadian Northlands 77

We are highly appreciative of the generous financial and other encouragement from the Government of Canada (London High Commission) that has enabled both the publication of this Journal and the maintenance of the London Conference for Canadian Studies (LCCS). The scholarly articles produced in this volume were prepared for a highly successful and stimulating conference organised by the Birkbeck Centre for Canadian Studies in February 1995. I would like to thank the anonymous reviewers for their suggestions though authors alone are responsible for the opinions expressed in the articles. I am also grateful to Karen Philpott, Sarah Lawson-Sako, Hui-Fen Yang for their assistance with the typing and editing; and to Catherine Pyke and for her assistance in preparing this volume, which included the cover design.