Volume 12 (1996): Geography, Gender and Identity in Canadian Literature

Guest editor: Richard Dennis
R. Dennis and C.A. Howells Geography, Gender and Identity in Canadian Literature: Some Introductory Comments 1
C. A. Howells Aritha Van Herk’s No Fixed Address: An Exploration of Prairie Space as Fictional Space 6
R. Jennings Disappearing Doubles and Deceptive Landscapes in the Writings of Robert Kroetsch 20
D. Schaub “Forming at the Farthest Edge”: Perception of Space and Self discovery in Janice Kulyk Keefer's Rest Harrow 35
F. Alexander Place and Identity: the Mother in Margaret Laurence’s The Fire-Dwellers 55
C. Beyer Re-imagining Metropolis and Wilderness: Margaret Atwood’s Life Before Man, Cat’s Eye, ‘Death by Landscape’ 69
E. Gilbert Situating the City: Representations of Toronto in Three Women’s Novels 95

We are highly appreciative of the generous financial and other encouragement from the Government of Canada (London High Commission) that has enabled both the publication of this Journal and the maintenance of the London Conference for Canadian Studies (LCCS). I would like to thank Richard Dennis and Coral Howells for all the hard work they have done for this volume, and am also grateful to Anil Biltoo and Catherine Pyke for their assistance with the final editing.