Volume 13 (1997): Environmental Politics and Policy: The Canadian Experience

Guest editor: David Anderson
Michael Tanner The Evolution of Environmental Management in Canada 1
Neil Hawke Corporate Environmental Crime: Why Shouldn't Directors be Liable? 13
Michael R. Mason Administrative Fairness and Land Use Sustainability: Restructuring Forest Land Decision Making in British Columbia, Canada 27
Jane Parker & Paul Selman Working Towards Sustainable Communities in Canada 63
Don Belanger et al Remembering Rumsey Ranch: A Case Study of the Pollution of a Cattle Ranch in the Alberta Foothills; Report on a Project in Progress 77
Guy M. Robinson Environment and Community: Canada's Atlantic Coastal Action Program (ACAP) 121

We are grateful for the generous financial and other encouragement from the Government of Canada (London High Commission) that has enabled both the publication and the maintenance of the London Conference for Canadian Studies (LCCS). I would like to thank Dr. David Anderson (Hartpury College, Hartpury House, Glos., GL19 3BE, UK) and the reviewers for all the hard work they have done for this volume. I am also grateful to Dr. Richard Dennis, Atul Kalia, Karen Philpott & Catherine Pyke for their assistance with the final editing and preparation of this volume.

Dr. Itesh Sachdev, Editor