Volume 14 (1998/9): Migrants, Money and Markets

Guest editor: Tim Rooth
David Rhind Tribute to Dr. John Davis 1
John Othick Migrants, Money and Markets: the Canadian Experience 4
James Sturgis & John Davis Who was the Ideal Immigrant? Settlement in Western Canada, 1880–1914 9
Tim Rooth The Continental Imperative? Canadian International Trade and Finance in the Twentieth Century 22
John Douglas Belshaw ‘Doomed to Disappear’: Canadian Society and Culture Faces Post-War Immigration 44
T.A. MacDonald Canada, the FTA and NAFTA: A View from the Negotiating Table 55
Daniel Drache Globalization: Is there Anything to Fear? 66

This issue is dedicated to Dr. John Davis following his untimely death on January 1st 1999. There is a special tribute to him in this volume as well as an article that he co-wrote with Dr. Jim Sturgis for this volume. He will be missed very much by his family, colleagues and Canadianists all over the world.

We are grateful for the generous financial and other encouragement from the Government of Canada (London High Commission) that has enabled both the publication and the maintenance of the London Conference for Canadian Studies (LCCS). I would like to thank Dr. Tim Rooth (University of Portsmouth) for editing this special issue, and the reviewers for all the hard work they have done for this volume. I am also grateful to Dr. Richard Dennis and Catherine Pyke for their assistance with the final editing and preparation of this volume.

Dr. Itesh Sachdev, Editor