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Continuities and Changing Realities: Meanings and Identities among Canada's Aboriginal Peoples
Guest editor: Heather Norris Nicholson
2000/2001 Volume 16
Defining People Differently: Claiming Space for Aboriginal Diversities in Contemporary Canada
"Making a Noise in this World": New Sounds from Canada's First Peoples
          N. BAXTER-MOORE
Between The Land and The City: Aboriginal Agency, Culture and Governance in Urban Areas
          R. TODD
Language Attitudes, Perceptions and Identity: some Haida and Cree Data
          I. SACHDEV & D. HANLON
Teaching lies: the Innu Experience of Schooling
          C. SAMSON
Various Shades of Red: Diversity within Canada's Indigenous Community
          C. VOYAGEUR & B. CALLIOU


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