Volume 21 (2005/6): Canada in Moving Images

Guest Editor: Aleksander Sasha Dundjerovic
Aleksander Sasha Dundjerovic Canada in Moving Images: Forward 1
Aleksander Sasha Dundjerovic Contradictions and Paradoxes in Denys Arcand's The Barbarian Invasion 3
Christian Roy Red-Letter Days: (Mis)Translation, Abortive Action, and the Masks of Identity in Robert Lepage’s Film 19
Monique Tschofen Speaking a/part: Modalities of Translation in Atom Egoyan's Work 29
Bruno Cornellier L'Indien, mon frère : Identité, nationalité et indianité dans Le Confessionnal 49
Amy Fung Deepa Mehta's Canadian, American, Indian Bollywood Musical: Showing Canadians Their Country in Bollywood/Hollywood 71


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