Volume 22 (2006/7): Gender and the City

Guest editor: Christopher Dummitt
Christopher Dummitt Searching for Ralph Connor: A Roundabout Introduction to Gender and the City 1
Robert C.H. Sweeny Property and Gender: Lessons from a 19th-century town 9
Richard Dennis Working Women Downtown: Single Women in Toronto 1900–1930 35
Maureen A. Flanagan The Workshop or the Home? Gender Visions in the History of Urban Built Environments: Canada and the United States 59
Linda Knowles ‘Kronk City’: Canadian Cities in the Novels of Carol Shields 85
Julie Rodgers Redefining Quebec identity: Nous avons tous découvert l’Amérique by Francine Noël 115
Ceri Morgan Spectacular sexualities on la Sainte-Catherine and Josée Yvon's Danseuses-mamelouk 127


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