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Journal Details

Journal of Postcolonial Writing

Formerly World Literature Written in English
Affiliated to the Postcolonial Studies Association UK Visit the organisation site
Published By: Routledge
Volume Number: 45
Frequency: 4 issues per year
Print ISSN: 1744-9855
Online ISSN: 1744-9863

Aims & Scope

The Journal of Postcolonial Writing (previously World Literature Written in English) is an academic journal devoted to the study of literature written in English and published throughout the world. In particular it aims to explore the interface between the postcolonial writing of the modern global era and the economic forces of production which increasingly commodify culture.

This approach embraces the deterritorialised nationalisms, the new ethnicities which intersect with and cut across national boundaries, 'new margins' created by global economic practices, global technologies and commodities, and redefinitions of the local that globalisation catalyses. A particular focus is on the reshaping of inner maps of the metropolis through the ethnic, diasporic voices and the alternative and interstitial modes of writing associated with the new margins.

The Journal of Postcolonial Writing interrogates assumptions underpinning postcolonial theory and its liberationist rhetoric by focussing upon the discursive practices informing contemporary writing and the impact of the global, the regional, and the local upon each other. Our concern is with the conditions under which a resistant 'global imagination' comes into being.

We welcome critical, theoretically informed articles which will address the postcolonial in its relation to the global and open up new perspectives. These can emerge from examining the work of individual writers, critiquing contemporary theories of the postcolonial and globalisation, or revisiting classical texts of literature and canonical theories from a range of postcolonial and global perspectives.

In addition Journal of Postcolonial Writing aims to publish:

  1. Interviews and profiles of postcolonial writers and theorists.
  2. Reviews of critical studies of contemporary writing.
  3. Selections of poetry and short prose fiction.
Journal of Postcolonial Writing is a member of the Canadian Association of Learned Journals and the Council of Editors of Learned Journals. It is indexed in the American Humanities Index, the MLA International Bibliography, the Journal of Commonwealth Literature and in AUSTLIT, the Australian Literature On-line Database.

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