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7-9 APRIL 2008


(NB: may still be subject to change)

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Monday 7 April 2008

12.00 Registration opens
BACS Council meeting


A1: Business I
Judy Haiven, Saint Mary's University
Wal-town: Canadian community response to Walmart

A Hallsworth, Surrey University, T. Lewington and T. Hernandez
“Springtime for ASDA?” – property dimensions of the WalMart growth strategy: US-Canada-UK

A2: Multiculturalism
Mukesh Bhatt, Birkbeck College University of London
The Gujarati Diaspora in Canada

Ruth Kircher, Queen Mary, University of London
English vs. French – An Investigation of Past and Current Language Attitudes in Quebec

A3: Cities I
John Mercer, Syracuse University
Canadian Cities in Continental Context

14.30 Tea


B1: Aboriginal Studies I
David Stirrup, University of Kent
“bound up in northern earth”: refiguring the (Native) American border

Mark Anderson, University of Regina
“Project Runaway: Canada’s Press, Aboriginals, and Colonialism”

Carmen L. Robertson, University of Regina
The ’69 Position

Bill Marshall, University of Glasgow
Bridges and Walls in Quebec City

Daniel Laforest, University of California Santa Cruz
Les contours mobiles d’une ville littéraire: Québec et la représentation de sa périphérie

Will Straw, Institute for the Study of Canada, McGill University
Whispering City and Les Enquêtes Jobidon: Death and obscurity in Quebec City

B3: Literature I
Susan Billingham, University of Nottingham
Not Without History: The Poetry of Gregory Scofield

Christian Riegel, Campion College at the University of Regina
Doubled Identity: Joan Crate and the Beothuk

Ewa Urbaniak- Rybicka, Adam Mickiewicz University
“On the outside and the inside at the same time”- (de) constructing sameness and difference in Ann Marie MacDonald’s Fall on Your Knees and The Way the Crow Flies

B4: Transport
Marionne Cronin, University of Toronto/Imperial College London
Technology and Place: American aircraft design and the Canadian North

Malcolm Fairweather, State University of New York
Snowmobiling: A Canadian Pastime with Deep Canadian Roots.

Markku Henriksson, University of Helsinki
Political and Commercial; Trans-Canada Highway and Route 66 as Reflectors of Their Nations' Character

16.30 Plenary I: Eccles Lecture
Jane Dickson-Gilmore, Carleton University/University of the West of England
Governance, Globalization and Unruly Populations: Governing the Aboriginal Cross-Border Economy in Canada

17.30 BACS AGM
18.30 Dinner

Tuesday 8 April 2008

07.30 Breakfast
08.00 Registration


C1: PANEL 2: Aboriginal Studies

Roy Todd, University of Leeds
Indigenous Youth and Urban Governance: towards ‘practical decolonising’?

Tracie Scott, Birkbeck College
The use of history in Aboriginal land claims

Itesh Sachdev, SOAS University of London, Denise Y. Arnold & Juan De Dios Yapita
Indigenous Identity and Language: some considerations from Bolivia and Canada

Colin Samson, University of Essex
Terra Nullius: The Hidden Justifications for Environmental destruction of Indigenous Territories in Canada and the US

C2: Literature in French
Julie Rodgers, National University of Ireland Maynooth
Old Worlds/ New Worlds: A Discussion of Lettres Chinoises by Ying Chen

Thomas Snell, University of Newcastle
Situating the Place of First Nations within the Americas through Vocalisations in the Literature of French-Canada

Rosemary Chapman, University of Nottingham
Constructing Canada: the Journalism of Gabrielle Roy

C3: PANEL 3: Canada: the road to globalisation?
Malcolm Fairbrother, University of Bristol
Why Did Canada Globalise Its Economy?

Tim Rooth, University of Portsmouth
Canada, the Americas and the World: economic linkages in the new era of globalisation

Teresa Gutiérrez-Haces, National Autonomous University of Mexico
Canada chooses its regional belonging

C4: Politics
Wayne Hunt, Mount Allison University
Climate Wars – How the Search for a ‘CleanTech’ Solution is Re-Shaping Politics

Bruce Muirhead, University of Waterloo and Greg Donaghy, Foreign Affairs Canada
"Interests but no Foreign Policy": Canada and the Commonwealth Caribbean, 1941-66

Diddy R. M. Hitchins, University of Alaska Anchorage, USA
Canada and the US: North American Neighbours in the Arctic

10.45 Coffee

11.15 Plenary II: David Mendel, Canadian Cultural Landscapes
Quebec: World Heritage City

12.15 Québec reception and award of Prix du Québec
13.00 Lunch


D1: PANEL 4: Sense of Place in the Canadian "World" City
Tanis Hinchcliffe, University of Westminster
Colonial identities and images of 'England' in Victoria

Rachel Walls, University of Nottingham
Contested images of Vancouver and Downtown Eastside

Isabelle Caron, Université de Bretagne Occidentale-Brest
Urban space and representation: The postcards of Montreal as a lieu of its planning

Ceri Morgan, Keele University
Montreal’s Microspaces and André Carpentier’s Ruelles, jours ouvrables

D2: Quebec Studies
Amy Tector, Université Libre de Brussels
The Wounded Soldier as Canada: Representations of disabled soldiers in Canadian Fiction of the First World War

Robert Cupido, Mount Allison University
History on the Move: Reviving the Fête Nationale and Reimagining La Patrie, 1924-1939

Neville Sloane (Independent researcher)
The Role of Quebec in the Second World War: A General Reappraisal

D3: Literature II
Gillian Roberts, School of Cultural Studies, Leeds Metropolitan University
Redrawing the Americas: Locating Canadian Literature

Malgorzata Camastra, University of Nottingham
Migratory patterns in The Stone Diaries by Carol Shields

Mei-Chuen Wang, University of Cardiff
History, the West and National Myth in The Englishman’s Boy

D4: Social Policy
Howard Cody, Department of Political Science, University of Maine
Stephen Harper and Minority Politics in Canada

Liudmila Nemova, Russian Academy of Sciences
The Canadian Model of Social Policies at the Beginning of the 21st Century

Eric Tabuteau, Université Stendhal - Grenoble III
Canada, the USA and the SPP: Who's left, who's right, who's wrong?

14.00 LARG meeting
15.30 Tea
16.00 Plenary session BACS
16.45 Plenary session: John Bridgeman, Foundation for Canadian Studies in the UK
18.00 Plenary III: Lorraine York, McMaster University
Canada in the Americas and Beyond: National Celebrity in an Age of Vanishing Boundaries

19.00 Reception hosted by CHC
20.00 Conference Dinner

Wednesday 9 April 2008

07.30 Breakfast



James G. Mellon (Independent researcher)
Reading George Grant: Lament for a Nation in Retrospect

Patrick Imbert, Université d’Ottawa
La Croyance que la vie est un jeu à somme nulle: La critique de ce stéréotype au Canada et la diffusion dans les Amériques par les penseurs canadiens que la vie est un jeu à somme non-nulle et qu'on peut créer des situations winwin

Radka Sedláčková, Tomas Bata University
Atlantic Canada – forgotten region

E2: Literature III
Catherine Bates, University of Leeds
The subversive function of rubbish in selected American and Canadian texts

Britta Olinder, Göteborg University
Canada in the Americas — the issue of Keefer's “Waste Zone”

Alex Ramon, University of Reading
Don’t Forget the Canadianness: Canadian and US Responses to Away From Her, Sarah Polley’s Film Adaptation of Alice Munro’s “The Bear Came Over The Mountain”

Milena Marinkova, University of Leeds
Micropolitical Discontinuities in Michael Ondaatje’s Divisadero and Nalo Hopkinson’s The Salt Roads

E3: History I
Colin M. Coates , Glendon College, York University
Translating Absolutism to New France

Mary Smith, University of East London
Those Other Europeans: finding belonging in western Canadian settlement narratives

Dorian Hayes, British Library
In Search of the Northwest Passage at the British Library

Paula Hastings, Duke University
Colonies Annexing Colonies: Race, Nation, and the Politics of Sub-Imperialism in the British Empire, 1884-1918

E4: Culture I
Alice Ridout, Leeds Metropolitan University
“I am Canadian!”: The Importance of the Biographical Blurb in Marketing a National Literature

David Hutchison, Glasgow Caledonian University
OFCOM and the CRTC – Public Service Broadcasting in a Multi Channel World

Eszter Szabó-Gilinger, University of Szeged
Black noise, global noise or national noise. African American origins and influence in rap music lyrics

Ryan Edwardson, Dalhousie University
Canadian Music, Beatlemania, and the Race to be British (or, ‘Cashing in on the Union Jack’), 1964-67

10.30 Coffee

11.00 Plenary IV: Presidential, Rachel Killick, University of Leeds
Quebec in the Americas

12.15 Lunch


F1: PANEL 5: Theoretical and Cultural Connections Between Past and Present, Old World and New, in the Work of Contemporary Female Canadian Authors
Kiriaki Massoura, University of Northumbria
The Body as a Historical Text and the Language of Story-Telling in Margaret Atwood’s The Blind Assassin (2000)

Elodie Rousselot, University of Portsmouth
The Canadian Neo-Victorian Novel

Fiona Tolan, Liverpool John Moores University
Dangerous Goodness: American Feminisms and Canadian Contexts in Carol Shields’s Unless

F2: PANEL 6: Canadian Identities in Movement: A Panel in Honour of the Late Jeffrey Cormier, Ph.D.
Hugh Mellon, King’s University College at the University of Western Ontario

Paul Nesbitt-Larking, Huron University College
English Canadian Students and the Possibility of English Canadian Nationalism: Continuing A Dialogue with Jeffrey Cormier

Jacquetta Newman, King’s University College at the University of Western Ontario
Maintaining Identities in Periods of Movement Latency: The Canadian Federation of University Women, the National Council of Women, and the Voice of Women

F3: Culture II
Veta Razuvaeva, Academy of Fine Art, St Petersburg
The artistic relations between USA and Canada in second half of the XIX century:the influences by Hudson River School on Canadian romantic landscape

Andrew Horrall, Carleton University
“We won’t tolerate dictation of the morals of the nation:” Dorothy Cameron’s 1965 trial for exhibiting obscene pictures

Will Smith, University of Nottingham
Sensing Place: Visualising the Liminal in the Photography of Geoffrey James

F4: History II
Lucille H. Campey (Independent researcher)
A neglected minority - The English immigrants who settled in Prince Edward Island during the first half of the 19th century

Valerie Wallace, University of Glasgow
Scottish Presbyterianism and Political Radicalism in Early Nineteenth-century British North America

15.00 Tea and close of conference


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