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FOCASICAE, the Forum on Community and Social Issues in Canada and Europe, replaced the Social Policy Forum, and was launched at Quebec House in February 1998. Its aims are to bring together BACS members with interests in community and social issues, extending beyond a conventional academic forum through links with academics, practitioners and professionals working in areas of welfare, health and education

In 2006 the main goal of the group is to act as a network for UK Canadianists researching in the area of Social Science and to run an event to connect these independent researchers and teachers who are, largely, working alone in different parts of the UK. The group plans to hold a symposium in London, with selected researchers presenting on their Canadian research and publications. In the afternoon, participants will discuss possible research linkages and /or co-operation on making a Canadian focused research grant or publication proposal. Participants will be asked to bring ideas for either seeking research funds or embryonic proposals for publication to be discussed. It is hoped that this opportunity to work together might spark a small number of productive research / publication applications with a high Canadian content, so supporting and invigorating the Social Science research community within BACS or at British Universities.

The group  convenorship is vacant at present. For further information contact Dr Susan Hodgett, University of Ulster

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