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Remembering Bill Findlay: Michel Tremblay Translated and Translator

Session H3 (Friday 21 April, 15:00) at the BACS Conference is dedicated to Bill Findlay whose sudden and premature death last year was a cause of great sadness to his many friends and colleagues. It commemorates and celebrates his outstanding contribution to the popularisation of Michel Tremblay’s theatre in the UK and also thereby to the overall raising here of Quebec’s cultural profile. Bill’s Scots translations of Tremblay, carried out in collaboration with his Montreal opposite number, Martin Bowman, transformed Tremblay, in the memorable words of one theatre critic, into ‘the greatest Scottish playwright Scotland never had’. In recognition of an exceptional achievement, the Quebec Delegation and the British Council in Montreal have generously made it possible for Martin to attend the BACS conference as the lead speaker in this session to discuss the longstanding and successful translation partnership between Bill and himself.
Developing the theme of Tremblay and translation, Jane Dunnett’s consideration of Tremblay’s own translation of Dario Fó’s Mistero Buffo and Rachel Killick’s comparison of a French, a North American, and Bill and Martin’s Scots translation of Tremblay’s Albertine, en cinq temps complete the session.

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