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I will need audio-visual equipment - what will be provided? Paper presenters would be very unwise to assume that audio-visual equipment will automatically be in place when they arrive at the conference! It must be booked in advance and, while the conference team will do their best to ensure that what you need is there, and working, miracles are difficult to arrange ten minutes before a session is due to begin.

There will probably be only one data-projector available, so it is vital that you send in your audio-visual requirements early. Papers will be scheduled so that access to a data projector can be provided for those who need it. This is one of the reasons why it can be very difficult to reschedule your paper once the programme has been drawn up.

All rooms will have an overhead projector, and in at least one of the rooms there will be a 35mm slide projector, and a DVD/VCR player. Canada and the UK use different standards for DVD and VCR, so if you are bringing disks from Canada or the US, make sure you contact the organiser in advance to be sure that the player is compatible.

PowerPoint presentations must be provided on a CD or a USB pen drive, as it will not be possible to connect your own laptop to the data projector. Mac users should check in advance that their disk or pen drive can be read on a PC. The organisers will be very happy to check compatibilty in advance, if you wish to send your presentation by email or on CD. When you register at the conference desk you should arrange a time to hand-over your presentation and make sure that you how to work the projector during your session.

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