Conference Programme


This version of the programme was updated on 16 April 2006.

Please note that on the first afternoon the timings for People and Wilderness in Canada (Environment I and II) are different from the timings for Sessions A and B, as they form a separate strand in which the team from the University of Leeds will present research arising from their Sustained Studies Project.

Wednesday 19 April 2006

10.30 Book exhibition set-up (Council and Ante Room)
12.00 Registration opens (Foyer)
12.00 BACS Council meeting (Vivien Stewart II)

13.30 Environment I: Wilderness in Canada: Realities, Perceptions, Visions
Ken Atkinson (University of Leeds)
Shared visions, shared prairies: contemporary attempts to conserve wilderness in the grasslands of Saskatchewan
David N. Collins (University of Leeds)
Foe, friend and fragility: evolving settler interactions with the inland wilderness of Newfoundland from early settlement to the present

13.30 SESSION A (90 minutes)

Literature I
D. Parameswari (Madurai Kamaraj University)
The Cultural Baggage : A Reading of Stephen Gill’s Immigrant

Justin D. Edwards (Churchill College, Cambridge)
Postcolonial Migrations: or, the Cryptic Spaces of M.G. Vassanji’s Fiction

Sabine Schlüter (Christian Albrecht’s University)
The Canadian Mosaic – a Multicultural Paradise? George F. Walker’s Heaven

John A. Harries (University of Edinburgh)
‘Not chaps’: Migrant Masculinities and Tales of Adventure in the Wilds of Canada

History I
Joseph B. Glass (ICCS)
Canada or Canaan : Emigration from Canada to Palestine before 1948

Laura Madokoro (Library and Archives Canada)
Documenting the Bad: Appraisal and Acquisition of Immigration Case Files at Library and Archives Canada

Community and Culture I
Veronica Strong-Boag (University of British Columbia)
Foreign Affairs : English Canadians Encounter Inter-Country Adoption from WWII to the 1990s

Nancy Forestell (St Francis Xavier University)
Female Citizenship Across Borders: Canadian Involvement in Transnational Feminist Networks, 1920-1939

14.50 Tea (Wilderness in Canada) (Main Walkway)
15.00 Tea (Session A)

15.20 People and Wilderness in Canada
Emily Gilbert (University of Toronto)
Beyond survival: wilderness and Canadian national identity into the 21st century

Roy Todd (University of Leeds)
Aboriginal people, the land and environmentalism: issues of conflict, tradition and development

15.30 SESSION B (90 mins)
History II
Sarah Katherine Gibson (McGill University)
Correspondence: How a Scottish Farming Family in Lower Canada Made the Atlantic Ordinary c. 1750-1850

Daniel Samson (Brock University)
Nature and Natural Theology : Father Chrestien LeClercq’s Metaphysical Migrations

Terry McDonald (University of Southampton)
‘Pure Invention and Completely at Variance with the Truth’ : The Publication of Emigrant Letters in Early Nineteenth-Century England

Michael Vance (Saint Mary’s University)
The Migration of Scottish Patriarchy to Upper Canada in the 1820s

Literature II
Jeffrey Orr (University of Leeds)
Eye and I: Photography and Ondaatje’s Running in the Family

Smaro Kamboureli (University of Guelph)
The Culture of Celebrity, Diaspora, and Pedagogy. The Case of Roy Kiyooka

Emma Smith (University of Leeds)
Nomadic Movements Through Narrative Space in Dionne Brand’s At the Full and Change of the Moon

Gundula Wilke (Christian-Albrechts-University)
Migrations: A Search for Home in the Works of Canadian Immigrant Women

Political Science I
Paul Watt (Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College)
‘Tough jobs’ and ‘good jobs’: Employment Contradictions among Immigrant Hotel Workers in Toronto

Alan Hallsworth and A. Alexander (University of Surrey), T. Hernandez (Ryerson University)
Retail Migrations

Peter S. McInnis (St Francis Xavier University)
‘We Won’t Take No for an Answer’: 1960s-era Canadian Radicalism and Transnational Ideologies

Jeffrey J. Cormier (University of Western Ontario)
Movement Migration and the New Left in Canada

16.40 People and Wilderness in Canada: open discussion (45 mins) (Vivien Stewart Room)

17.30 Plenary I: Presidential Address: Professor Itesh Sachdev (Chair: T Rooth)
To be or not to be an ‘Indian’: some identity and language data from Canada and Bolivia

18.30 Screening: Filming Travel (60 mins) (Long Room)
20.00 Dinner (Dome)

Thursday 20 April 2006

07.30 Breakfast (Dome)
08.00 Registration (Foyer)

08.45 SESSION C (90 mins)
Environment III: Northern Development and the Migration of Ideas
Frances Abele (Carleton University)
The Rewards of Decolonization: Assimilation and Transformation of “Southern Ideas” in Northern Canada

Michael T. Bravo (University of Cambridge)
Models, Mobility, and Governance: Institutions of Public Engagement with Science in the Canadian Arctic

Elana Wilson (Scott Polar Research Institute)
Exporting Canadian Co-Management to Northern Russia

Literature III
Britta Olinder (Göteborg University)
Travelling Ladies: Complexities of Movement in Some Canadian Women’s Writing

S.S. Sharma (Indira Gandhi National Open University)
‘Home’ and ‘Imagined Community’ in Canadian Immigrant Writing

Alex Ramon (University of Reading)
‘Departures, Arrivals’: Canadian/American Migrations in the Fiction of Carol Shields

Pilar Somacarrera (Universidad Autonóma de Madrid)
Latin American Connections in Cyril Dabydeen’s Imaginary Origins

History III: Prairie Migrations and Memories
Bill Waiser (University of Saskatchewan)
The Settling and Unsettling of Southwestern Saskatchewan in the Early Twentieth Century

Gerald Friesen (University of Manitoba)
Memories of a Plural Society in Winnipeg 1945-1975

Community and Culture II
Peter Urquhart (University of Nottingham)
Ivan Reitman and International Movements of Cultural Workers

Antonia Smith (University of Alberta)
The Spectacle of Ethnicity and the Consolidation of Whiteness in John Murray Gibson’s Canadian Mosaic

Jan Wechmann (Freie Universität Berlin)
The 1972 Summit Series : Promoting National Unity and Détente through International Sport

10.15 Coffee (Main Walkway)

10.45 Plenary II: Professor Lord Bhikhu Parekh (Chair: I Sachdev)
Fostering common belonging in multi-ethnic societies

11.45 BACS AGM (Long Room)
12.30 Academic Relations and Canadian Studies (Vivien Stewart Room I)

12.30 Lunch for those not involved in AGM / Academic Relations meeting (Dome)
13.00 Lunch (Dome)

14.00 BACS LARG meeting (Main Walkway)
14.00 SESSION D (90 mins)
Environment IV
Brian Brazeau (The American University of Paris)
‘Changing Winter into Wine’: Vines, Conversion and Migratory Identity in Seventeenth-Century New France

Lynn Berry (University of Toronto)
French Ideals of Climate Carried to Canada in the Seventeenth Century

Andrew Secord (St Thomas University)
People or Nature: Export Options in a Resource Economy

Malcolm Fairweather (SUNY)
The Migrations of Non-indigenous Species into Canada

Literature IV
Christian Riegel (University of Regina)
Home, Place and Migration in Eli Mandel’s Out of Place and Robert Kroetsch’s Seed Catalogue

Edgars Osins (University of Latvia)
Transatlantic Migrations, Transcultural Perspectives (Modris Eksteins and Janice Kulyk Keefer)

Milena Dobrich Marinkova (University of Leeds)
From the Ohrida Lake Restaurant to the Geranium Bakery: Reterritorialising the Balkan Immigrants ‘on this side of language’ in Michael Ondaatje’s In the Skin of a Lion

Fiona Tolan (University of Durham)
To Leave and to Return: Frustrated Departures in Alice Munro’s Runaway

History IV
Barbara C. Murison (University of Western Ontario)
‘oppose all impruvements’ : the musical baggage of Scottish Immigrants to Canada

Gwendolyn Davies (University of New Brunswick)
The ‘World Turned Upside Down’: Loyalist Women in Exile at the Conclusion of the American Revolution

Theresa Edington (Wilfrid Laurier University)
United Empire Loyalist Women : Canada’s Refugee Heritage

First Nations I
Jean Friesen (University of Manitoba)
Drawing the Line: Aboriginal Resistance to Migration to Red River, 1815-1870

Cynthia Chambers (University of Lethbridge)
‘When We Walked on the Land’ : Migrations and Inuit Landscape Theories

Renate Eigenbrod (University of Manitoba)
From Ideas ‘Reserved for Indians’ to Cultural Re-Affirmation : The Movements of an Indigenous Aesthetic

Alison Brown (University of Aberdeen)
Moving Artefacts : Fur Trade Memorabilia and Family Histories

Social Studies I
Judith Yoel (University of Manitoba)
Deaf Heritage : From the UK to Canada

Louise Fontaine (Université Sainte-Anne)
Point de Mire sur le Canada Atlantique: L'immigration internationale en Nouvelle-Écosse

Jenise Boland (University of Cambridge)
Exporting the Educators : The Migration of Canadian Teachers to the UK

Micheline Labelle (Université de Québec à Montréal)
Contentious Politics and Transnationalism from Below : The Case of Ethnic and Racialised Minorities in Quebec

15.30 Tea (Main Walkway)

16.00 SESSION E (90 mins)
Literature V
Danielle Fuller (University of Birmingham) not 21st
Reading for the Nation: The CBC’s ‘Canada Reads’ and the Politics of Reading CanLit

Anouk Lang (University of Birmingham)
Making Strange: CanLit, Canada Reads and the Alterity Fetish

Erin Whitmore (University of New Brunswick)
Beauty in the Backwoods: Defining Canadian Beauty Ideals in Early Canadian Women’s Writing

Jane Mattisson
‘Migration, Mennonites and Manitoba’ : Miriam Toews and A Complicated Kindness

Quebec I
Christl Verduyn (Wilfrid Laurier University)
Across the country or to another continent? Lorena Gale's Je me souviens: Memories of an expatriate Anglophone Montréalaise Québécoise exiled in Canada

Patricia Smart (Carleton University)
A Place for the Spirit : Canada as Dream and Reality in the Autobiographical Writings of the Women of New France

Jósef Kwaterko (Université de Varsovie)
D’une Amérique à l’autre : migration discursive dans la poésie québécoise de la Révolution tranquille

Anne Marie Miraglia (University of Waterloo)
De l'immigration à l'universel : l'immigré italien chez Nino Ricci et Bianca Zagolin

History IV
Lucille H. Campey (Independent researcher)
Avoiding the Melting Pot : The Early Migration of Scots to New Brunswick

Claire Campbell (Dalhousie University)
‘In the taverns of Edmonton, fishermen shout’ : The Mythology of Migration in Canada

Marjory Harper (University of Aberdeen)
The Homecoming Migrant : Round Trip to Canada, 1867-1967

Michael F. Hopkinson (York St John College)
Returns from Riding Mountain : An Analysis of a Century of Decline and Occasional Resurrections

Social Studies II
Elizabeth Winkelaar (Carleton University)
Migrations and Mobility

André Tremblay (Université de Ottawa)
Gender Differences in Coping with Social Change : Migration and Suicide in Quebec Regions

Claire H. Firth (University of Deusto)
The Effects of Transnational Motherhood on the Health of Women Migrants from Ecuador in Canada and the Basque Country

Environment V
Michael Clow and Peter McDonald (St Thomas University)
The Migration of Ideas, Machines and Production Systems During the Industrial Revolution in Woodswork

Peter Clancy (St Francis Xavier University)
Old World to New: Forestry Science in Canada in the Formative Age

Sebastien Nobert (University of Edinburgh)
Hot-dogs, saw-dust and smoke: the essence of lumberjack festival and the production of the boreal forest boundaries

17.30 Plenary III, Eccles Lecture: Alanis Obomsawin
Abenaki People From Where The Sun Rises
19.00 Reception hosted by CHC (Main Walkway)
20.00 Conference Dinner (Dome)

Friday 21 April 2006

07.30 Breakfast
08.30 SESSION F (90 mins)
Literature VI
Krzysztof Majer (University of Lodz)
Birth by Fire: Violent Reshaping in Mark Anthony Jarman’s Short Story, Burn Man on a Porch

Catherine Bates (University of Leeds)
Imagined Migrations to the Other Side: Waiting as a Potentially Creative Act in Robert Kroetsch’s The Puppeteer and The Hornbooks of Rita K

Lianne Moyes (University of Montreal)
‘a product always of migrations or emigrative qualities’: Erin Mouré’s O Cidadán

Kiriaki Massoura (University of Northumbria)
Human Body and Language versus Cyborg Body and Science: Oryx and Crake

Quebec II
Magali Girard (Université McGill) Michael Smith (Université McGill) and Jean Renaud (Université de Montréal)
Intégration économique des nouveaux immigrants à Montréal dans les années 1990: statut professionnel avant l’immigration et emploi envisagé

Paulin Mulatris (University of Alberta)
Immigration, Intégration sociale et temps

Benoît Trudel (University of Western Ontario)
Idées migrantes et assimilation régressive: L’influence étrangère dans la construction de l’identité québécoise

Political Science II: The Canadian Federal Election, 2006
Paul Nesbitt-Larking (University of Western Ontario)
Minority, Majority or Marginality? The Liberals Navigate the Federal Election of 2006

Hugh Mellon (University of Western Ontario)
The Conservative Challenge

Jacquetta Newman (University of Western Ontario)
Day-Care and Gomery: Is Canadian electoral politics out of touch with the life experiences of Canadian women

Jonathan Rose (Queen’s University)
The Role of Advertising in the 2006 Canadian Election

Community and Culture IV
Eva-Marie Kroller (University of British Columbia)
Canadians in US Publishing: The Example of Thomas B. Costain

Susan Butlin (Carleton University)
Professional Strategies : Women Artists and Writers and the Canadian Cultural ‘Brain Drain’ in Late Nineteenth-Century Canada

Christopher Rolfe (University of Leicester)
Forced Resettlement: David Blackwood’s Island Prints

First Nations II
Tracie Scott (Birkbeck College)
Strangers in a Strange Land : The Effects of Transient Migration, the Nisga’a and Their Land Claims

Paige Raibmon (University of British Columbia)
Indigenous Relocation and Community Health in Twentieth-Century Canada

Mathile Matthijsse (University of Durham)
Powerful Women, Dependent Women? An Enquiry into the Social Strategies of Inuit Career Women

Keith Battarbee (University of Turku)
Us and Them Revisited : Impacts of Migration on Perceptions of Solidarity and Alterity in Northern Communities

10.00 Coffee (Main Walkway)
10.30 SESSION G (90 mins)
Quebec III: Round Table: Language and Migration in Quebec
Martin Howard (University College Cork, Ireland)
Allophones in Quebec – Demographic Perspectives on Language Practices

Ines Molinaro (St Clare’s, Oxford)
Models and strategies of integration in contemporary Québec

Ruth Kircher (Queen Mary, University of London)
Language attitudes amongst immigrants in Québec

Leigh Oakes (Queen Mary, University of London)
Québec French or ‘international’ French? Finding a standard for Quebecers of all ethnic origins

Quebec IV
Julie Rodgers (University of Dublin)
Migrations, Movement and Multiculturalism in the Novels of Francine Noël

Ceri Morgan (University of Keele)
Writing the Heartland II: Monique Larue and la Côte Nord

Literature VII
Linda Knowles (Independent researcher)
Migration of the Fairies: ‘Scope for Imagination’ and the Place of Fantasy in Canadian Literature for Children

Elodie Rousselot (University of Kent)
Cultural and Gender Identity Migrations in Jane Urquhart’s Historical Fiction

Peter Thompson (Carleton University)
Nostalgia and Images of Outmigration in Recent Nova Scotia Fiction

Joanna Daxell (Université de Sherbrooke)
Albert Plym: Swedish-Canadian Novelist and Navvy

Political Science III
Wayne Hunt (Mount Allison University)
The Emergence of the New Canada as a Political Phenomenon

François Rocher (Carleton University)
Immigration and Integration Policies in Canada: The Back and Forth Foxtrot between Openness and Security

Nelson Michaud (ENAP) and Stéphane Tremblay (ÉNAP)
Migration of Ideas: Towards an Americanization of Canadian Policy?

Community and Culture V
Gilles Forlot (Université catholique de Louvain) not A or H
Language and Risk-Management in Migration : A French Canadian Case

James Overton (Memorial University of Newfoundland)
Resettlement, the Outports and the Politics of Governance in Newfoundland

12.00 Reception and award of Prix du Québec; and (Main Walkway)
12.30 Lunch (Main Walkway)

13.30 Plenary III: Professor Marie McAndrew (Chair: R Killick)
Quebec’s immigration and integration policy: a critical assessment

14.30 Tea (Main Walkway)
15.00 SESSION H (90 mins)
Community and Culture III
Mary F. Williamson (York University)
Cod’s Head, Kebobbed Currie, Cocky Leeky: A Nineteenth-Century Take on Fusion Cookery

David R. Ingram (Birmingham)
What They Left Behind: ‘The Loudest Noise Made to the Glory of God’

Quebec V: Translation
Martin Bowman
The Scots Translations of Quebec Plays by Bill Findlay and Martin Bowman

Rachel Killick (University of Leeds)
Expatriations. Beyond Quebec: Translation and Performance of Albertine, en cinq temps (Michel Tremblay)

Jane Dunnett (University of Wales Swansea)
‘A Nation of Translators’ : Quebecois Identity of the Trans-Migration of French-Canadians

16.30 Close of conference